New Oil and Fuel Pollution Prevention Boating Videos

California’s Boating Clean and Green Program provides tips on proper oil and fuel management to the state’s recreational boating community through two new instructional videos.

Videos include tips and tools to prevent oil and fuel discharges; how to report oil and chemical spills; how to properly dispose of used oil; environmental laws; and information on other clean and safe boating practices recommended for before, during and after fueling boats.

The educational videos are a great resource not only to boaters, but to boating marina and yacht club operators in their efforts of keeping their facilities clean. Please share these valuable resources by posting the videos on your websites. Videos may be viewed and downloaded at (look for DBW TV on that page). Or: Oil Video:

Fuel Video:

The Division of Boating and Waterways and the California Coastal Commission’s Boating Clean and Green Program developed the videos in partnership with theSan Francisco Estuary Partnership, the Keep the Delta Clean Program and the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation. Staff developed the video content with assistance, review and support from a Technical Advisory Group comprised of members with the marine industry and boating associations (listed in the videos credits).

The videos were shot in October 2012 in Sacramento (Riverbank Marina) and in Oakland (Oakland Yacht Club and Marina Village Yacht Harbor).  During the fuel video shot, staff worked with Captain Tommy Holtzman (Boat Owner and US Coast Guard Auxiliary), his boat the “Shady Ladies” and his crew (John Derrick Jr. and Warren Golubski (Boaters and US Coast Guard Auxiliary) and Chloe Golubski, an adorable dog.  In the oil clean boating video, staff worked with Captains Robert J. & Susan Engelhart and their boat “Music.”

The Boating Clean and Green Program is an education and outreach program conducted through the Division of Boating and Waterways and California Coastal Commission. The program promotes environmentally-sound boating practices to marine businesses and boaters.


There is a website in D11N that has been established specifically to allow auxiliarists the ability to do practice exams for several Certifications. This website should be used rather than taking official on-line exams over and over again for practice. In particular, the NAV95 exam should be taken only for recertification as a COXSWAIN, NOT as a practice exam for NAV70. Each time any on-line exam is taken, it must be recorded in AUXDATA. This takes valuable time away from DIRAUX staff. Instead, use to do your practice NAV RULES exams. The Website also supports practice exams for the following: AUXCOM, AUXSEA, AUXWEA, AUXNAV, AUXPAT, Boat Crew, Boat Coxswain, PWC operator, and HAM Radio exams.


ATTENTION COXSWAINS AND FACILITY OWNERS: AUXDATA ORDER MANAGEMENT (AOM) training now available on website! The Auxdata Order Management system which replaced POMS, is now being used for all patrol orders nationwide. It can be found on both the Operations Training page, and in the Member Job Aid Kit. Please review the power point presentation to obtain information about how to access the system, request and process orders, and local D11SR policies regarding receipt submission and patrol activation.

Feel free to view or download and share this information at meetings/training sessions from AOM Training Power Point.

Memorial Marker Ceremony and Webcast, May 4th, 2013

The annual "Memorial Marker Ceremony”, which honors our members who have crossed the bar in the last 12 months, was held on Saturday May 4, 2013, and was attended by approximately 160 Auxiliarists, family members, and guests.


In addition to the attendees, another 40 members from across the District viewed the ceremony live on the Webcast. A first for the Auxiliary and a prototype for future events.


The video of the recent ceremony has been prepared by Division 10.



Double click on the image will enlarge the video to full screen, <ESC> to return to normal presentation.

Memorial Marker Ceremony Set for Saturday, May 4th at Coast Guard Base San Pedro

The annual Memorial Marker Service, honoring Auxiliarists who have crossed the bar during the last year, has been set for Saturday, May 4, 2013, at the Coast Guard base in San Pedro, CA. The one-hour ceremony begins at 1000 hours, followed by a barbeque at noon.

Auxiliarists are encouraged to invite family and friends of our departed members to the ceremony to speak for their loved ones, and hear them honored. The barbeque will be held at the athletic field, and costs $5.00 per person. Click to download or read the official flyer.

The Memorial Marker Ceremony is sponsored by the Past Commanders Association (PCA).